XerTransfer Standard "Go to Guide"

Congratulations on your purchase of XerTransfer and welcome to the XerTransfer community.

This user guide has been compiled to assist you through the purchase and installation process allowing you to quickly experience the benefits XerTransfer brings facilitating a fast and efficient method of importing and exporting data between Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6.


  • Open the main page of the XerTransfer website and select the Purchase button from the navigation menu.

  • Complete XerTransfer installation process up to and including Step 4 of Installing a Purchased Licence.
  • Open Microsoft Project and you will see a pop-up box offering you an Evaluation Licence.  Select “Yes”

  • Fill in your details and select “OK”

  • An Evaluation Licence has been activated which will give you a free trial period to evaluate XerTransfer.
Congratulations you are now that you are ready to start trialing XerTransfer. Once the trial period expires you will be required to purchase a copy of XerTransfer Standard or XerTransfer Pro to be able to continue using the benefits of XerTransfer.
  • Navigate to the Add-ins page in Microsoft Project and select “Open XER project file”

  • An alternate method to open an .XER is to Navigate to the File menu, select Add-ins and then select “Open XER project file”

  • Selecting “Open XER project file” will open the file explorer on your PC where you can select the .XER file you wish to import into Microsoft Project.
  • The two dialog boxes below will open. Ensure the XER project file you wish to import has been selected and hit “OK” to begin importing the .XER file into Microsoft Project.

  • You will see a green progress bar progressing on your screen as the data is being read and imported into Microsoft Project. The time it will take to import your file is dependant on the size of the XER file.

Now that the .XER file has been imported into Microsoft Project you can check the import file for any issues which have occurred during import.

Due to the fundamental differences between Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6 there may be some data errors that may need to be addressed. This will be discussed in Section 7: Checking Converted Schedules and Section 8: Common Issues and Workarounds.

  • Navigate to the Add-ins page in Microsoft Project and select “Save project XER file”.
  • Save the XER file in the required drive destination for import to Oracle Primavera P6.

  • Save the XER file in the required drive destination for import to Oracle Primavera P6.

  • Ensure the correct project has been selected for exporting to .XER file format.

You now have an .XER file that can be imported directly into Oracle Primavera P6. Please note that Oracle Primavera P6 has numerous selections for importing and exporting and it is up to the P6 user to ensure they have a fundamental understanding of the Oracle Primavera P6 Import / Export process.

Our recommendation to XerTransfer users is to always send a PDF copy of your schedule along with the electronic file so that your clients can ensure they have imported the data correctly.

Accordion Content

Hints and tips that will assist you in importing and exporting between platforms.

XerTransfer has been extensively tested by experience Project Controls Professionals to limit issues related to transferring data between Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6. Due to fundamental differences between platforms and differing levels of scheduling experience between software operators, you may encounter errors during your import which can be resolved by following a few simple scheduling best practice tips to ensure your file transfers across successfully.

XerTransfer has been designed and programmed to account for issues that can arise from poor schedule quality, however it is impossible to code the software to account for every possible scenario. If you are getting error messages that you can’t resolve please email support@xertransfer.com.

Schedule Structure for Microsoft Project file to be saved in XER file format. 

  • Assign a Task Calendar to all activities – If tasks do not have a task calendar assigned, the project standard calendar will be assigned on import to Oracle Primavera P6.
  • Only use constraints on activities when necessary. This will not cause an issue importing to Oracle Primavera P6 but it is good scheduling practice to allow the schedule logic to drive the dates in your schedule rather than constraints.
  • Ensure there are no actual Start dates in the future (after the status date). Actuals in the future will cause the remaining duration in Oracle Primavera P6 to import as a calculation from the data date to the planned activity end date. This will result in an extended remaining duration of the task.
  • Do not add resources or costs to summary level activities. XerTransfer will import summary level activities as a WBS element. Oracle Primavera P6 does not support relationship logic or resources in WBS elements. The data is “rolled up” into the summary level WBS element of all activities that are assigned to that WBS element.
  • Ensure all tasks/activities Task Mode are set to “Auto Schedule” and a “Calculate Project” has been performed. This will ensure that the Microsoft Project schedule has been calculated properly and all tasks are being driven by schedule logic.
  • Ensure every activity has a predecessor and successor logic link except for the Project start and finish milestones
  • Don’t add predecessor or successor links to summary level activities


  • When sending an electronic file to a client, always send through a PDF copy so clients Project Controls team can validate the import data as true and correct.
  • Below is the Oracle Primavera XER file import

  • Below is the Microsoft Project file. You can see that both Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 match except for the start and finish milestones.

  • Microsoft Project indent level will determine where an activity imports into Oracle Primavera P6
  • Ensure the Microsoft Project file is statused correctly

We recognise that not everyone is a scheduling expert and the experience of users will vary. However, the quality of your schedule will dictate how successful you are at transferring the data between platforms.

Issue:  Missing predecessor and/or successor logic after importing the XerTransfer file into Oracle Primavera P6. 

  • This will only occur if the Microsoft Project file has Predecessor or Successor relationships with a Summary Level activity.
  •  The XerTransfer export process will give you a warning to notify you that this was a problem. In the example below there were two activities that had links to a Summary Level activity.

  • To fix this issue, amend the Microsoft Project file and link the activities up correctly to another activity that is a child of the summary level activity that was previously linked.


Issue: Missing predecessor and/or successor logic after importing the Primavera P6 XER file into Microsoft Project.

  • This should only occur if an activity has 2 relationships to the same activity. – Primavera allows an activity to have a more than one link to the same activity such as a finish to start and a finish to finish or start to start. In this instance you will get a warning when XerTransfer imports the XER file into Microsoft Project.


Issue: No Resources in the schedule after importing the XerTransfer file into Oracle Primavera P6. 

  • There can be many reasons for this issue and it will come down to how the Microsoft project file was prepared.
  • Milestone are imported by XerTransfer as an activity with 0 duration. This is because of the differences between MSP & P6 milestones. MSP has only 1 type of milestone whereas Primavera P6 has a start milestone which will be scheduled at the start of a calendar working day (where the logic allows it too) and finish milestone which will be scheduled at the end of calendar working day.
  • Calendars don’t align – Check that each task in MSP has the correct Task Calendar assigned. XerTransfer has been extensively tested the import and export of calendars and this feature should remain error free.


Frequently Asked Questions

I cant install XerTransfer

  • The warning below appears if you already have XerTransfer installed on your PC.
  • Go to add remove programs and uninstall XerTransfer and then reinstall the new file.

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If you have a question not answered here contact support@xertransfer.com